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If you haven’t read our reviews on Google, you’ll know that we focus to ensure your experience is exceptional from the moment you contact us to job completion.  While Lakeside Heating, Cooling and Plumbing offers a wide variety of services, here are some of the services we are most well known and chosen for.  

Indoor Air Quality 

Indoor Air Quality, known as IAQ, refers to maintaining the literal quality of air inside the home.  Previously believed to only be needed for those with asthma, allergies, eldery or young children, science shows improving and maintaining a high quality IAQ means a healthier and more comfortable living experience in your home. Our IAQ solutions go beyond the limitations of a filter for the best ongoing IAQ possible. 

Heating and Cooling

At Lakeside, we have pride in our love for all of our customers.  We have made sure that we have the ability to serve any home from a mobile home to a custom home being built with the best products and services for heating and cooling.  Areas of expertise include in heat pumps, gas furnaces, small package units (also known as small packs), energy efficient air conditioner replacements, and repairs for any furnace or AC system no matter the brand.  We also offer surge protection for furnaces and AC systems.


You’ll love our plumbing services whether it's fixing a problematic leak, installing a water softener or a water heater.  What you might not know is that at Lakeside we can install any toilet, sink, bath, faucets, dishwashers, garbage disposals and even outdoor spigots that you purchase from any store, specialty shop or even Amazon!  


Ventilation refers to both balancing the pressure, improving comfort and increasing the safety in your home.  An example of a simple ventilation service that improves the safety is dryer ventilation.  Comfort and safety can include installing a hood vent over a stove.  Lakeside is also known for duct work which includes redesigning, adding and air balancing.  


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