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How to Buy the Best Air Conditioner

 Lakeside Heating, Cooling and Plumbing makes finding the best air conditioner a snap thanks to our deep knowledge of all brands of air conditioning products and the most accurate way to diagnose the the AC unit that best fits your needs.  Armed with this knowledge and the right products, your positive experience with Lakeside will be unmatched.

The Right Air Conditioner Products

We offer repairs, maintenance and annual service for any brand air conditioner.  Since we know your time is valuable, we will show up ready to give you the right answer the first time on how best to repair or service your AC system.  

If your system is at the end of its life or you are looking to upgrade to a more efficient system with the latest technology, you can trust that we won't settle for anything less than exceptional products and value for our customers. Bryant has it covered with the finest air conditioners in the business—top-quality, innovative cooling solutions with the latest technology and dependable performance—all backed by great warranties and excellent service and support as a trusted Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer.

The Right Size

The most common sizing mistake is over-sizing. This not only makes the new system more expensive to install, but also forces it to operate inefficiently, break down more often, and cost more to operate.  Most installers only check the "nameplate" (the label on the unit that has the Btu per hour output among other things) of the existing system and sell you one just like it, or even worse, one that's larger. Other methods that sound like they might be right include simple "rules of thumb" based on the size of your home or using a chart that accounts for a variety of factors. While these methods might provide a first estimate, they should not be used to size your system. 

Instead, we use the most accurate diagnosis based on additional considerations such as the orientation of your home, your current R levels based on windows and insulation, window area, location and type, air filtration rates, occupant preferences and even the types and efficiencies of lights and major home appliances which also give off heat.  If your system is 7-10 years old, we might be able to downsize the system with a more efficient system.

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